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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Redbuds are Blooming!

Redbud Tree
      The Pea Shaped Flowers

In profile, the flowers look like tiny Hummingbirds

  I didn't really learn about Redbud Trees till I moved to North Carolina and it wasn't till I lived here for a while did I learn about its edibility.
  Redbud Trees are beautiful, showy magnificent trees that are very common in NC. They are members of the Fabaceae or Pea Family, which is quite evident when you look at the flowers which are typical Pea shaped flowers.(see photos) The flowers, and later the immature seed pods, are the part you eat. 
  My Redbud flowers just started to open the other day and I have been nibbling on them ever since. They have a sweet yet tangy taste that is quite enjoyable. I decided  it was time for another Wild Edible Salad do I gathered a bunch of Chickweed and sprinkled the top with Redbud flowers. I also recently learned of the Edibility of Camellia Flowers (not that delicious raw by the way) so I added a few petals to dress up the salad. It doesn't show in the photo but when I was ready to eat it I added a bunch of Violet flowers also. It was a beautiful sight, I almost didn't want to eat it! Remember to save some for the Bees!

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