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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whats goin on?

  It has been a relatively mild winter, at least compared to last year, for this area of NC. It is Feb. 1st and Spring has sprung already. We have had Dandelions, Henbit, Speedwell, Chickweed and Sweet Violets all Winter long in small amounts. Now, Daffodils have been flowering on south facing hills for almost two weeks already and I saw the first flowers on my Forsythia today.
 So whats goin on? Maybe this is normal once in a while in NC, and maybe I haven''t lived here long enough to have seen the cycle unfold. Or maybe it's climate change, who knows. But daffodils in January, now thats just crazy! Whatever the reason, I'm going to take advantage of it and make a wild salad today. I never seem to eat enough fresh greens in the winter, I am so used to eating fresh Organic greens from my garden the rest of the year, sometimes I'm too stubborn to buy them at the store for stupid prices. I rely on much of what I had frozen for the Winter.
PS. It's Feb. 2nd and I heard Spring Peepers singing this morning!

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