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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome to Winter

 Today, December 22nd, is the shortest day of the year, with the Sun being at it's lowest point in the sky for we here in NC, USA. The north Polar Axis of the Earth is tilted directly away from the Sun and from this point on will begin to swing around and start pointing more and more back towards the Sun. Because of this shift, from our perspective here on Earth, the Sun begins it's apparent trip Northward towards the Equator which makes our days in the Northern Hemisphere begin to get longer.
 Just a few Nature observations. Our temperatures this Fall have been all over the map. Just the other day it was 19 deg. when I got up to go to work. But today, ironically, it was 70 deg. on the first day of Winter! There are Dandelion Flowers blooming all over my property, there are Sweet Violets in bloom, Field Garlic leaves in abundance and I have patches of Chickweed, green, succulent and in bloom in several places. Henbit is taking over my recently tilled gardens and the  Basal Rosettes of Thistle leaves are as large as I would expect them to be in the early Spring. Yum! As soon as the rain stops I will go and pick a nice salad of "Spring" Greens to celebrate Winter!

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