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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nettles/Potato Soup

I have so many Stinging Nettle plants I can barely keep up with harvesting them in time before they get too close to flowering.
Today I decided to make a Nettles and Potato soup. I had a bunch of Yukon Gold potatoes on hand that I cut up, covered with water and boiled on the stove till they got soft enough to puree. While the potatoes were cooking I took a bowl full of Stinging Nettle tops and cooked them in a separate pot by boiling them also. I cooked them separately because sometimes the stems of the nettles are too fibrous to puree well and I wanted to strain them before putting them in with the potatoes. Once the Nettles were pureed and strained I added them to the pureed potatoes and added water till I got a good consistency. All I added was some salt and pepper to taste and I was done. It was really good! The only thing I might change next time is to use some homemade chicken stock instead of water when I have it. Also, I have made this as a cream soup by adding heavy cream at the end, and man is that good! This soup is also good cold, so if the weather is getting too hot for hot soup, just chill and enjoy this incredibly nutritious soup.
PS: It freezes well also so save some for the winter.

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