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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Teasel Update

 What a difference a season can make! The changes in my Teasel plants are amazing since I first posted about them in January ( http://ethnobotanist128.blogspot.com/2015/01/teasel-root.html ) If you check out the photos in the last post you can see the mat of dense scraggly winter burned plants that were no taller than 6"tall. They stayed that way through the rest of the winter and I often wondered whether they were going to survive because of the way they looked.
 As the days started to get noticeably longer and some warmer weather started to move in I started to notice a growth spurt and it seemed over night they grew about a foot taller and they just kept going from there. It is now June and they are taller than me and in bloom! I cant wait to collect the seeds and the dried flower stalks.

As the Teasel just began to get flower heads, they were as tall as my shoulder.
The flower heads just appearing
The leaves are opposite, sessile and clasping on a very prickly stalk.
Many of the leaves formed small wells where puddles gathered after the rain.
By the time the flowers began opening, the plants were over a foot above my head ( I am 5'8")
At first, the flower heads showed a slight purple ring around the center.
 That purple ring bloomed into the first flowers

Some Bloomed in two rows

Closeup of the flowers

To be continued!


  1. Awesome teasel display there. We have the odd teasel crop up on our property. They mainly arrive here from other people's properties. What are they used for?

    1. Thanks.
      Here is all I know about Teasel: http://ethnobotanist128.blogspot.com/2015/01/teasel-root.html
      I haven't done the research I had planned to on the plant, you know, life getting in the way of living and all. I am happy right now just to have them blooming in my garden. I plan to, as you should with the ones you have, collect tons of seed and distribute them around my property.
      Thanks for stopping by, Peace