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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mums The Word


  Fall, in my part of NC is so much different, Botanically and Meteorologicaly speaking, than LI where I am from. Here in NC, the weather fluctuates so much in the Fall, the plants don't seem to know what to do. A couple of days ago we had frost and tomorrow is supposed to be 70! Many of the Wild Edible plants that die off in the hot Summer and are normally Spring plants make a come back this time of year. I am not used to this behavior and it still surprises me to see many plants, I know of as Spring plants, bloom again in the fall. There are Dandelions, Sweet Violets, Henbit, Chickweed and Field Garlic all flowering or growing thick and green, as they would in the Springtime. To me it's an unexpected treat, especially since the frost killed most everything in my garden, it is nice that Mother Natures Garden is still producing.
  Yet on the other hand, many plants are doing just what I'd expect this time of year. One plant I can always count on to bring color to the Fall is Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums, like Pumpkins and Gourds, all seem to fit together representing  harvest time and the Fall.

Autumn Salad
  Chrysanthemum flowers are Edible and I sometimes use the flower pedals as a garnish on salads or they can be used as an additive to muffins or pancakes. It's not a Edible I use very often but it's fun to know they are there if you need something fun to add to your meal. The pedals of some plants can be bitter and not taste very good so you will have to experiment to see if they are good or not. Above is a salad I made for dinner tonight and it contains Chickweed, Violet Flowers, Dandelion Flower, and some Chrysanthemum Flower pedals. Except for the Mums, everything else is an unexpected treat I am not used to seeing this time of year.


  1. Chrysanthemums are very beautiful plants. I'm sure aware but chrysanthemums also have many medicinal uses. They can correct imbalances in the liver that can cause blurred vision. They've also been used to treat headaches!


  2. Thanks Tyler,
    I really don't know that much about the Medicinal properties of Chrysanthemums, it is one of those plants I don't use very often and am still learning about. Thanks for the info and for stopping by.