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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



In Flower
 PurslanePortulaca oleracea, is another one of those Wild Edibles that is considered a noxious "weed"by the general public. It's true that it can certainly be a rather invasive little plant. I planted just one small plant that a friend gave me last year and this year I have hundreds of plants in my garden. I don't mind though because I I really like having them to munch on!
  Purslane is a very nutritious plant. It is high in vitamins A and C and is loaded with minerals, especially Magnesium . It is also high in Alpha Linolenic Acid, an important Omega 3 Fatty Acid.
 I like to eat it raw, and munch on it often as I work in my garden. It has a tangy mucilaginous taste, and also makes a great salad additive. It can also be steamed or sauteed and added to soups or stews. One interesting thing to do is to pickle it, a great way to save it for winter when there isn't any  around to pick.

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