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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nectar of the gods

It's fun to experiment, and try new things.
My Passionflower vines were all dead form the very cold mornings we have been having. They don't like frost or cold very much and even in the Spring they don't  start coming up till the weather has been warm for a while. Though the vines were dead there was still lots of fruit on them, though the fruit was starting to shrivel up and show the wear from the cold weather. I couldn't see them just shriveling up to nothing so I picked every one. There were about 50 of them! What am I going to do with 50 passion fruit? I thought about juicing them, though there was not enough "flesh" left around the seeds to make it worth taking out the juicer(and cleaning it of course),so, I wondered if I put them in the blender with some water if I would get a drink worth the effort. Since that was all I could come up with thats what I did. I added the seeds to the blender and added about twice the amount of water and put it on the lowest setting. After blending I thought it needed more water so I added about half again as much as I did before. It seemed OK so I strained out all the seeds and alot of the pulp and was ready to give it  try. It was pretty good! I like sour, but I thought it was a little much so I decided to add some Stevia to sweeten it up a little. This worked out well and the drink was really good! I poured it into jars and placed in the fridge and have been drinking it for three days now. The more I drink it, the more I like it and I think the acidic quality is mellowing a bit the longer it stays in the fridge(or I am just getting used to it).
  I would count this experiment as a success. It's fun to try new stuff, especially when it works out well.

Passionflower Nectar

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